Pregnancy and Birth

I believe that birth is a natural process that is always deeply powerful.

I had a baby in 2008 and it was a deeply transformative experience for me. My daughter is now an active teen and I am amazed at how much she teaches me each and every day.

Pregnancy can be a joyful experience but can be clouded by multiple concerns, discomforts, stressors and historical impacts (i.e. historical trauma, fear of labour and delivery, relationship conflict, eating disorders, financial concerns etc.) I understand what it is like to navigate the medical system and to make difficult decisions regarding your health and that of your baby. I look forward to supporting pregnant women and new parents in my practice.

I also know sadly that women’s pregnancy and birth experiences are not always positive ones. Many women find they have unresolved feelings about their experiences. Many women tell me that they struggle to accept that they birthed through Cesarean sections, or that they felt their power was taken from them by the medical system.

I would love to hear your birth story and help you to reconcile the joy you experience with your new baby and the lingering trauma that you experienced through the birthing process. I would love to support you through the transition into parenthood.  I believe that we need women to support us in those early post-partum months of caring for a newborn.

I invite you to call me so that we can sit down and explore working together. Infants are welcome at counselling sessions.